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We are Vision

Creative people. Coffee addicted. Forward thinking.

One big family being super creative.

Founded in the woods.

The Vision

Who is Joe Rich? What is Joe Rich? Well, Joe Rich was the original settler of the area above Kelowna that now bears his name. Today, Joe Rich is a place and it was in this place that The Joe Rich Project was born. We love this area and spend a lot of our time exploring the mountains and forests as a break from the office.

The Evolution

The Joe Rich Project is a web development company that has been around since 2003. It is more than just about building websites though. We work with people and businesses to develop an overall web strategy. Often this includes looking at the strategy of the company and understanding it's goals. We like to work with you to see where and how a website will fit into the mix and what else we can offer to help achieve the goals sooner and with a greater effect.

The People

Todd Avison

Co-Founder / Creative Director

John Holman

Co-Founder / Technical Director

Geoff Holman

Photographer / Art Director